Milestones Achieved

Wha we've accomplished so far in 2022

  1. Formed a small agile company from different parts of the globe during the midst of the covid pandemic.

  2. Created a platform that generates initial and ongoing revenue for creators.

  3. Onboarded non-technical artists and brands and their followings into the web3 ecosystem.

  4. Worked with Artists and creators from across the globe representing major creative cities (Paris, London, New York, Shanghai, Melbourne, Los Angeles, Berlin)

  5. Worked with pioneering brands entering the web3 space (Meta, Instagram, Australian Fashion Week, MuMM Gmbh, M+A Group, Glenfiddich, Bonds, Wella, O.P.I, FearCity)

  6. Hosted 'Rick Click Save' a one day educational conference event bringing in creative web3 minds from across varying industry disciplines.

  7. Joined Blockchain Australia

  8. Upgraded from MVP to new look V.1

  9. Credit card purchasing enabled

  10. Adding and upgrading new contracts within the beta admin portal.

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