For Creators

Culture Vault is a highly curated NFT platform. While we have a large community (and growing) of artists, musicians, fashion designers, performers and more.
We are always on the lookout for new and exciting talent. If you’re interested in minting your artwork or collection on Culture Vault’s platform, please submit your request here The Culture Vault team are here to support artists and brands who need help setting up their custodial wallet, and can also offer one-on-one sessions to advise on creative and business strategy including pricing, auction protocols, and edition numbering. If you are a brand interested in working with Culture Vault, please see 'For Brands' Culture Vault creators receive 90% of the final price on genesis sales on Culture Vault, and if the NFT is re-sold on any other marketplace they can opt to take up to 10% of royalties in perpetuity. If you’re interested in becoming a Culture Vault creator, please fill out our submission form.