For Collectors

Culture Vault enables anyone interested in browsing or buying Art to set up their own NFT vault on the site. We are Web3 compatible, so if you already have a wallet then you're good to go.

Right now we are supporting MetaMask and wallet connect, with more integrations on the way! If you’re new to the space and need help setting up a wallet, we’re here to help. Please email us , and we’ll set up a time to walk you through the process (we promise it’s not that hard and won’t take more than 15 minutes). Now you’ve got your wallet connected, make sure you have enough Ether loaded up so that when an NFT catches your eye, you’re ready to buy when that baby drops! Once you’ve purchased your NFT, the artwork will be transferred to your wallet and will appear in your personal Culture Vault collection. You can also display your collection in the Culture Vault virtual gallery through Cyber, share it on social media, sell it later on the secondary market, or pioneer a new approach to sharing and championing the artists in your collection. Read our step-by-step Buyers Guide here.

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